If your Website is not Page One of Google - you are Invisible to Searchers!

  • Posted by Alex Barnes
  • 14 November 2011
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Smart Reasons to Invest in SEO for Your Website

Why SEO is Incredibly Important to Attract New Business and CustomersWhen you buy a property you consider the top 3 most important factors to be location, location, and of course location, well stay with the property mind set when you think about your websites online visibility.  Put simply, if you’re website is not visible on page one of search engines then your website is practically invisible.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is still considered as a grudge spend by many companies, probably due to the fact they have tried it before and got no return on their investment.

So whether you have tried it before or just trying to get your head around SEO one of the basic rules of business remains the same, know who your customers are!  Putting this basic business principle into practice for online marketing means you have to know what words and phrases your customers type into search engines when they are trying to find the products or services you provide.

Why SEO Is Extremely Important To Attract New Business

It is so Important to be on the first page or ideally number one on the first page of major search engines such as Google

Consider these Fascinating SEO Facts

  • Approximately 90% of all buying decisions start with an online search.
  • The first ranking position in the search results receives 42.25% of all click-through traffic
  • The second position receives 11%
  • Third position on the first page obtains 8%
  • The fourth placed position on page one receives 6%
  • The others on the first page are under 5% of click through traffic
  • The first ten results (page one ) received 89% of all click-through traffic

Just as retailers rely on having the best possible location for their shop and shopping centres rely on footfall to be successful, your website must have the best online location to get its share of the market.  If your website is not within the top 5 listings on page one of search engines you are missing out on an enormous amount of potential new business.

So where do you go from here, well don’t just launch yourself into this, do your homework and really think about what you would like to be listed on page one for. Treat SEO as a new business plan:
google seo company

  • How much can you invest?
  • How much do you need to invest?
  • What return will you get?

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