Who is the Best Hosting Provider in Our Experience?

  • Posted by Alex Barnes
  • 28 November 2011
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Who Do We Rate the best hosting provider for 2011?

Who is the top hosting provider in 2011

If you are currently in the process of choosing a UK hosting provider, you may want to take into account SGI Marketing’s opinion on the best hosting company. Having been working in the web design business for years and experienced countless hosting providers, some good, some bad, we thought we’d write a blog to help others choose a hosting provider. There is one hosting company that stands out and we have given them 5 stars for pricing, server speed and customer service. Find out why...

Imagine this Scenario

One would think that by choosing a well established hosting provider that moving from a shared server to a dedicated server would be easy, especially as both servers are with the same company.  To make absolutely sure the move went without a hitch we even paid the hosting company to migrate our website across to our new server.

Why move to a dedicated server?

Well our main reason was for speed, we wanted our website to load as fast as possible, and as the website grows weekly with new content and updates we consider speed as a very important factor in the continued success of our Search Engine visibility. Additionally we will soon be adding videos to our blog and website a dedicated server would give our web team plenty of room to expand without slowing our website down.

Hosting Problems

You live and learn in internet business and unfortunately it is sometimes a costly experience.  Our experience cost us time, money and significant downtime of our website.  When the website was live, only by chance did we realise our contact form was not relaying messages to our server.   It has been painful to say the least.

Learning from your mistakes

It is always important to learn by your mistakes and one of the reasons we are blogging about this experience is to help other people avoid making the same mistake as we did? So where did we go wrong?

1             Firstly we simply assumed that it would easier to stay with our existing provider, because in all honesty they hadn’t done a bad job with the shared space.

2             Research, if we had simply done some research and typed in a few easy search terms we would of found masses of disgruntled customers for our existing provider.

3             Always read the small print.  When you go for a dedicated server make sure it is a fully managed service so you can resolve issues quickly.

We found the best hosting provider to be TSO Host

With a week of issues and stress getting in the way of our business we made a decision to forget easy and do some research in finding a new provider.  Well we did just that and the results were amazing.  SGI now has a super fast server, 24/7 support that you can understand, lightning quick technical solutions from competent qualified techies and all this at half the price we were previously paying.

We rarely put links to other companies but TSO Host have done such a good job we feel they deserve a mention.  So if you are looking for a new hosting provider check TSO Host out and remember finding hosting space the easy way can sometimes be more trouble than its worth.


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